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Exams are over, results are out and yet another batch of students has made it through School. Pat yourselves on the back, as this cohort successfully graduates from School!

Congratulatory messages will pour in appreciating Student performances in the Board Exams. But we have not forgotten the critical role that the school & teachers play in Student Success. Teachers go through the stress of completing the syllabus on time, focusing on concept clarity, dealing with anxieties of concerned parents and counseling students to keep calm and stay focused. All this with a smile on their face and a quiet confidence in their words.

Some teachers go the Extra Mile to guide students beyond the realm of syllabus and curriculum. They truly become catalysts of the students’ future by helping them make career and life choices.

Through our ‘Salute To School’ Series this week, we are excited to share how YOUR guidance, warmth and hard work is deeply appreciated long after students have left the cocoon of school.

Over this week, we will share messages from students across the country who look back at memories from their Alma Mater and Thank the teachers who deeply inspired them in their choice of careers. This week, we celebrate YOU; the Catalysts of Student Success.


Student Name: Akshat Praneet

School: SAI International School, Bhubaneshwar

College Enrolled in:  Ashoka University, Sonepat


Your teachers are critical career mentors to students.

Empower them to become certified Global Career Catalysts. 

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