The Global Career Counselor Certification from UCLA Extension is an all-in-one guide to know about career counseling from techniques and trends to best practices.

Being a Global Career Catalyst means:
  • Teachers are trained to observe the students; strengths and weaknesses and thus become the first level counselors to the child and the parent. These observations could then become an input for the counseling team if it exists in the school.
  • Teachers would be able to add width to their knowledge by getting a bird’s eye view of the different careers arising from different subject streams. Using this, they can create practical and multidisciplinary perspectives to what they are teaching. They would also be able to trigger subject interest in the child via the route of careers.
  • Teachers would be able to incorporate the career and college conversations in the classrooms, without being prescriptive. Majority of the class instead of just the proactive few end up participating in career conversations.
  • Teacher can have more long term oriented PTA

UCLA Extension

UCLA Extension is the continuing education wing of UCLA. It is part of the University of California system, and all courses are approved by the University of California, Los Angeles. An institute of historic repute, the Regents of the University of California, on February 14, 1893, adopted the extramural instruction plan, which officially founded University Extension.

In 1902, University Extension was reorganized as a self-governing body within the University and UCLA was officially started in September 1917.

UCLA Extension has seen many students who joined it to continue their education. For example Bryan Cogman of Game of Thrones, Stuart Beattie from G.I Joe, Randi Singer for Mrs. Doubtfire etc. are some of the notable alumni. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Arnold Schwarzenegger have taken classes at UCLA Extension.

UCLA Extension currently offers more than 5,000 courses and more than 100 certificate programs. It provides evening, daytime and online courses along with certificate programs and continuing education credits. The courses are specifically designed for working adults, college students and lifelong learners. Its courses are reputed to be of very high quality and it has a number of courses for teachers, principals and educators.

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Univariety is a Singapore based organisation that sets up robust college guidance systems within schools and supports counselors in delivering excellence to students and parents. In 2016, the Univariety network will reach over 1000 top high schools across 40+ cities in India. Students use the Univariety platform to connect directly to university admission officers and test preparation experts from around the world.

Over 200 universities actively use the Univariety system and students -with the help of Univariety- have gained over $4million in scholarships in the last year alone. Univariety sets up and manages the college counseling & placement system for the largest number of progressive schools across India. Univariety’s approach of integrating with the high schools is unique as they are associated with over 450 private schools in 32 cities. Schools connected with Univariety offer the IB, CIE, CBSE and ISC curriculum and a chunk of their students go abroad for their UG studies. Univariety is also the counseling partner for the South Asian IB Schools Association of which all IB schools are members.