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Being A Teacher And More: The Assam Valley School

A 95 sylvan hectares campus your child can thrive on. A legacy on 25-years you can place your trust in. State-of-the-art facilities that will enable your child to unleash their full potential. The Assam Valley School is a testament to an international boarding school that gives wings to global citizens in the making. 

What makes your child an inch beyond the finish line at The Assam Valley School is the faculty, who are passionate about their work, proficient and professional. To be equipped to provide career counselling to students, 25 teachers of the school went through rigorous training and have been awarded the Global Career Catalyst Certification from UCLA Extension and Univariety.

Global Career Catalyst is the first career counseling certification to come to India in partnership with UCLA Extension and already has 3000 certified teachers changing student lives around the subcontinent. The course is an extensive 40-hour online training, covered in 40 modules with practical interventions to demonstrate classroom implementation. 

This step taken by the school empowers students to make informed career choices and allows teachers to be architects of a student’s career. 

We congratulate The Assam Valley for paving a path to their teachers to upskill and add value to their students. We also applaud the teachers for their proactiveness and zeal to learn.

Below is the List of Teachers who have completed the course successfully.

  • Mr. Samuel Daniel David
  • Mr. Umesh Kumar Singh
  • Dr. Kuljeet Singh
  • Mrs Shakila. Banu
  • Mr A.S. Huidrom
  • Mrs Meenakshi Baruah Das
  • Dr. Pooja Jain
  • Dr.(Mrs) Hemashree Deka
  • Mr. Abhinav B. Gogoi
  • Mr. Vishwa Prasad Rao
  • Mr. Daljeet Singh
  • Mrs. Sarmistha Paul Sarkar
  • Mrs. Pamela Syiemlieh
  • Mrs. Priyankoo Das
  • Ms. Kamalica Bhowmick
  • Mr. Thajeb Ali Hazarika
  • Mr. Md Sabir Ansari
  • Mr. Bijan Panigrahi
  • Mr. Tapash Das
  • Mr. Pulok Borborah
  • Mr. Debnath Pyne
  • Mr Tushar Bharadwaj
  • Mr Dulu Dutta
  • Mr. Sanjay Sharma
  • Mr. B. Moses Herrick

Assam Valley School


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