What is a Centre for Global Career Catalysts?

Centre for Global Career Catalysts are schools that are invested in ensuring that their students are able to  take informed decisions in terms of their career or college. These schools understand that the key to discovering a child’s true potential and nurturing it lies with an empowered teacher.

  • A teacher who not only teaches her subjects with expertise but is also aware about the latest trends in the education and career fields within India and abroad.
  • The teacher who is able to counsel and help the child discover his strengths and skills and then explore the opportunities where he can apply it the best!

A Centre for Global Career Catalyst invests in its greatest assets- teachers to influence its biggest success metric- a student who is living a life that leverages his core skills and talents.

A Global Career Catalyst is certified with  the world renowned UCLA Ext’s Intensive Global Career Counselling Program

Register to become a Centre for Global Career Catalyst

  1. Read about the Global Career Catalyst Program
  2. Take the self reflection survey and view your results ( optional)
  3. Submit an application to become a Centre for Global Career Catalyst
  4. After you submit the application our global representative will get in touch with you.