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Global Career Catalyst: A 5-Star Teacher Development Course

A study by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has highlighted that India has the highest demographic dividend in the world of over 356 million people between the age groups of 15-59 years.

Now that leaves us with HUGE scope to harness growth!

But, is India ready for this when:

  • Our students are confused about career options?
  • Teachers are not well-equipped to clear students’ doubts? and
  • Teachers are unaware of career options that lie ahead?

To address these concerns in the building blocks of our future, UCLA Extension has come up with a well-thought online learning program that seeks to bring out the best in teachers.

UCLA Extension: The Pioneer in Teacher Development

Setup in 1917, the UCLA Extension offers over a 100 certificate and specialization courses which enables one to upgrade their skills to either switch or upgrade his or her career. For more than 100 years, the UCLA extension has transformed the education sector with its high-quality continuous and professional courses. It caters to a wide range of learners including-

To address the critical need for Teacher Development, UCLA partnered with Univariety to offer a career advancement program that is the Global Career Catalyst.

Global Career Catalyst: India’s FIRST International Teacher Development Certification

UCLA Extension's Global Career Catalyst CertificationThe Global Career Catalyst(GCC) is a one-of-a-kind International Certification Program that seeks to address the continuous professional development of teachers. It is Asia’s first career counselling certification in association with UCLA extension which is one of the Top 20 Universities of the world. GCC makes a mark with its case study based approach where teachers are trained by experts through digital and physical interventions. Teachers learn counselling techniques that are not only India-focussed but also prevalent across the globe. A trained teacher is better equipped to answer student queries & provide Career guidance and Career counselling. Choosing a top international certification course will give teachers a holistic view and aid in their career and professional development as well.

The globally renowned course has certified over 3,000+ teachers and has achieved a customer delight rating of over 90%.

Some of the leading Schools across the country that have recognized the importance of teacher training include:

Some of India’s top schools have the UCLA-GCC advantage


To become a part of GCC league of Progressive Schools!

How does the GCC-UCLA program benefits schools?

Globally aware teachers

Teachers, usually, are specialized in a specific domain and may be unaware of the multitude of options that students can pursue. Through GCC, teachers develop an idea about the various career options from other streams and provide holistic guidance. A well aware teacher guides and strokes students to the best of their abilities.

School Learning environment

Teachers impact students in their most formative age. They are aware of the student’s weaknesses and strengths. This makes them better equipped to guide parents and students in a better manner. School teachers are influential catalysts who help the students in making the right career choices.

Productive classroom engagement

Effective teacher training will also contribute to a lively classroom atmosphere and result-oriented discussions. This will increase engagement and drive students to fuel their passion as careers. Incorporation of career-related discussions becomes seamless and decision making becomes easier.

UCLA Certified school- Branding Advantage

School gains a branding advantage as it gets certified by a Top Ivy University. UCLA Extension online courses are well-recognized and serve as a benchmark to prospective students and parents.

Promotion Edge

The schools with a GCC-UCLA certification receive a special feature on the Global Career Catalyst blog. This showcases its best practices as a progressive school taking steps to further teacher training.




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