Global Career Catalyst: India’s FIRST Teacher Training Program

Did you know that just 8% students attribute to having received any form of guidance at school? 


There’s more! Almost 86% of high school students are concerned about their higher education. This, in itself, is a pre-cursor to the dire need of having trained school teachers on campus to guide the future of the country- the students. This sentiment has been echoed by the recent manifestos released by political parties, where in professional development for teachers is a hot topic. Keeping in mind the need of the hour, UCLA Extension, one of the leading Global Universities in the world has come up with Global Career Catalyst (GCC), a one-of-a-kind teacher development program with an international recognition.


Global Career Catalyst: Every Teacher’s NEED

UCLA Extension's Global Career Catalyst CertificationGCC is Asia’s first career counseling certification in partnership with UCLA Extension, which is one of the Top 20 Universities in the world. GCC is based on a blended learning approach wherein teachers receive guidance by experts through online and physical interventions. Your teachers get to learn about the in-trend techniques in counselling that are prevalent not only in India but also across the globe, giving this program a Global Perspective. With over 3,000 certified teachers from over 100 schools across the country, GCC program is THE program for your teachers! It has a stellar performance with over a 90% customer delight making it one of the most sought-after teacher training programs in the country.

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How GCC is a Value ADDITION for your School

The Global Career Catalyst program is the experiential program that your school teachers need for their professional development and in turn impacts your students’ success.

  • More productive Parent-Teacher interactions: 

    GCC revitalizes Parent – Teacher association and the focus will be more on the student’s long-term career plan, and not just marks. Post GCC, teachers will serve as first level career counsellors and will be better able to address parental pressures on the children. Through a GCC certified teacher’s intervention, an engineer parent might realize that his/her daughter’s interest might not be into Science but more into Design or other fields. So from an early age, parents would prepare children for a career where the latter aspires to be, thus ensuring that children put their BEST foot forward.


  • Globally aware teachers:
    Assam Valley School
    GCC Teachers being recognized  at Assam Valley School, Tezpur

    Teachers usually possess a specialization in a specific domain say Science, History or Mathematics and are thus not sensitized to career guidance. They might not be aware of careers arising out of a student’s desired area of interest. For example, a computer science student having interest in economics could be guided to a potential career in economics through her Mathematics teacher! History would no longer be associated with just archaeology but could also trigger an interest in architecture. Through GCC, teachers gain insights on the different careers options arising out of other subject streams and are able provide holistic guidance to them.


  • Regular Guidance: 

    Teachers are guided on the latest trends and techniques in career guidance not just during the duration of the course but also beyond it! With Global Career Catalyst your teachers gain access to: 


  • Additional Benefits:

    With GCC, your school receives much more than any other teacher development program in the country. Some of these benefits include:


    Global Career Catalyst certification from UCLA Extension and Univariety
    • Certification from UCLA Extension: Your school and your teachers get certified from one of the leading Universities in the world, making your school stand out from the crowd!
    • Marketing Edge: Your school receives a special feature on the Global Career Catalyst Blog for taking up this course and showcasing one of the best practices that makes up a progressive school stand tall. Also, it receives a dedicated promotion on Univariety’s social media pages!
      Feature on the Global Career Catalyst Blog | Feature on Univariety’s Social Media handles
      Customized Case Studies on Assam Valley School, Tezpur and Calcutta International School, Kolkata
      • Customized Admissions Collateral: Who said that only infrastructure gets newer prospects to convert? Your teachers are your BIGGEST resource and with a dedicated admission’s document, your school can showcase the professional development undertaken by your teachers to prospective parents!




With Global Career Catalyst, your school’s teachers become influential catalysts who will not only promote your school’s learning environment but also ensure that your students are placed in leading colleges across the world!



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