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Why Teacher Training is [Critical] for your school

As per a survey by Business World, 98% of the top global universities believe that career guidance at the school level will prepare students for colleges, as per a survey by Business World magazine. But how many school students receive any form of career guidance- a meagre 8%.

These facts expose the ground reality surrounding the school education system in India. The vitality of career counselling cannot be undermined.

So how can this burning issue be resolved?

Through the introduction of cutting edge teacher development initiatives.


Teacher Training: The Need of the Hour for a Better Tomorrow

For students to receive counselling, it is important for teachers to be in a position where they can:UCLA Extension's Global Career Catalyst Certification

  • Make students aware of the plethora of options they face
  • Guide students on possible options after school
  • Empower them to take a different or bold path
  • Counsel them when they face issues or crisis

Keeping this vital aspect of education in mind, UCLA Extension, one of the most prestigious global universities in the world has envisioned the Global Career Catalyst (GCC). It is Asia’s first certification that bases itself on a blended learning approach. It is a professional development program that allows teachers to receive guidance, learn in-trend techniques, and improve themselves with career counselling practices from India and across the world. This gives it a global dimension and helps in professional development for teachers as well. With more than 3000 certified teachers from the top schools across the country, GCC is the program you can use to leverage a better connect with students. It also aids in their professional development and over 90% of the teachers vouch for it.

Leading Indian Schools believe in the POWER of Global Career Catalyst




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Global Career Catalyst ( GCC): Revolutionizing Teacher Training

The Global Career Catalyst certification has enabled the professional growth of teachers and enables them to:

  • Conduct more productive parent-teacher interactions,
  • Be sensitized to the upcoming trends and best practices in career guidance,
  • Promote stronger engagement around careers in the classroom, and
  • Improve the student placement records to better colleges.

Through the Global Career Catalyst certification, all the stakeholders: school, teachers, and students are impacted in a way like never before. Top performing schools have realized the importance of such efforts and utilized the services for a better environment. We have Ms. Sangeetha Nag, Principal of Pathways School, Gurgaon sharing her view on how the Global Career Catalyst transformed her school.



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  1. Nice information shared about teachers and there knowledge how important is for our childrens. Parents must read this and they should know about it. Thanks for posting…!

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