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Is your school career focused?

Most schools across the country have career counsellors, university visits or even an annual talk by an external counsellor but are these measures enough to guarantee that your school has a career focus? There’s more than meets the eye!

We have taken this opportunity to come up with a simple step which your school can implement to ensure real success in its career guidance program.


Implementation 2.0

As a school representative, you should ask yourself the following 3 questions in order to assess your success in implementing a career guidance program and ensuring its fruitful completion:


  • Is your school implementing some new program or platform on campus?
  • How crucial is its success?
  • How will it impact your students?


If the answer is a YES to even two of the above questions, then you need to ensure that you are following 2 critical steps to ensure your program’s success:

  • Have more teachers involved in the implementation phase
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    Have more teachers involved in the implementation phase: Usually when a career guidance program is implemented, say an alumni guidance program, there is just a single coordinator who handles it. She is responsible for driving the program, coordinating between different teams and teachers, onboarding of students, managing timelines, reporting and analysis, ensuring that the program is a success and that a follow up is conducted. Imagine so much work and just one single coordinator to manage all of it.

One should not forget that the coordinator or the counsellor has a number of other duties to fulfil in addition to program implementation. This could include counselling students, managing other programs directly or indirectly, reporting and so on.


  • Dynamic Subject and Career Connect
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    Dynamic Subject and Career Connect: While a learning program is being implemented, it will not necessarily just have a counselling approach to it. The need to involve subject teachers stems from the fact that a coordinator might just be able to reach out to the students in a one-way manner.


With subject teachers integrated into the mix, the program takes on a dynamic implementation phase. As the subject teachers interact with the child on a day-to-day basis, know of his strengths and weaknesses better, their guidance would supplement the counsellor’s intervention.  


As per Ms. Ann George, Business Head of Global Career Catalyst, UCLA Extension, “Schools’ across the country have counsellors on campus but that does not ensure having a career focussed approach. By enabling teachers and counsellors through specialized certification programs they can actually bring about a real change in students’ lives.”


Here’s what Top School Heads have to say about Global Career Catalyst as a valuable addition to their schools:


Do you want to know how you can bring in success in your programs?


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