National Teacher Awardee’s take on Today’s Teacher

A teacher’s role has usually been associated with great respect and prestige but now that role is undergoing a rapid transformation. The notion of ‘Who is an Ideal teacher’ has undergone a rapid transformation over the past few years. Today, we have Mrs Lata Vaidyanthan, former Principal of Modern School, Barakhamba Road –Delhi sharing her views on what an Ideal teacher is like in today’s time and age.

About Mrs Lata Vaidyanthan

Mrs. Vaidyanthan is a renowned educator with over three-and-a-half decades of experience. She has been the Prinicpal of Modern School Barakhmaba Road, Delhi, Eicher School, Parwanoo and Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Chandigrah. She has been actively involved in community development through her outreach programs and has been a leading practitioner of Total Quality Management system in education. She is a firm believer of the Multiple Intelligence system and in implementing burden free education to promote effective learning.


Mrs, Vaidyanthan has been facilitated with a number of awards for her outstanding contribution to the Indian education system:

• National Award to Teachers
Dr. Radhakrishna Award
• Bharat Shiromani Award
• Madhav Gourav Ratna Achievement Award
• International Lifetime Achievement Award
• Global Warming Reduction Award
Educationist of the Year Award


She is currently serving as:

• Member of Board of Management – National Bal Bhavan
• Director of EdCIL India Ltd.
• Member of Executive Committee of NCERT






According to Mrs Lata Vaidyanthan, a modern teacher has three important roles to play:

1. Source of Guidance: A student spends a number of hours in the school with the teacher. During that time the focus needs to be more than just transaction of content. A subject is just a point of contact between a teacher and a student. The teacher can serve as a source of enlightenment for the child by transferring her entire self to the child. The motive of this information transfer id to make a child feel worthy of his life.


2. Conversationalist: A Teacher lends her experience to humanize the learning for her student. This is irreplaceable by any form of technology. One usually remembers his teachers not on the actual content that was actually taught in the classroom but for the way the content was taught. For example, a Physics teacher might integrate real mechanics demonstration in the classroom to help students understand force diagrams better. Techniques like these which make a student learn better or the conversations that they have with the teacher are what serve as triggering points.


3. Active Learner: Children these days are digital natives as they are not only learning the technological advances faster than adults but are also better at it. In order to stay relevant, a teacher needs to expand her bandwidth so as to retain her influence on the student. Thus, there is an active need for teachers to update and train by dedicating time.


Why is Teacher Training essential according to Mrs Lata Vaidyanathan?

  • Teacher training is indeed an ongoing process as no one is perfect and requires training and mentoring to up-skill themselves. It is critical that each school has a certain time duration mandated for training for its teacher community. Teacher development is should be seen as an investment as teachers are grooming the future of the country i.e. the student.
  • Every school should have the Global Career Catalyst program incorporated as a part of their teachers’ continuous development initiative as it leads to the creation of a learning ecosystem within the school. Teachers can’t be the whole reaction but they can be an effective catalyst to shape a student’s life.


If you agree with Mrs Lata Vaidyanthan and wish to incorporate such cutting-edge teacher training practices at your school



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