Orientation Ceremony

We kick start the entire program with the Orientation Ceremony. The ceremony is to be attended by the participating teachers and the principal.

Launch of Weekly Support

The education landscape is continuously changing. Whatsapp updates are sent to the candidates regarding the changes in schools, colleges and careers.

The candidates will be given access to 2 case studies about queries posed to expert counselors and the solutions prescribed by them. Webinars invites are also sent to them.

Fortnightly update

For maximum benefits to be harvested from the course it is imperative that the course is completed within the stipulated timeline. Thus we will be sharing updates from our end regarding the candidates’ progress of the course.

*Intervention – Let’s get Technical

Incorporation of the technical information into a regular classroom instruction. Report  submission in a week’s time in the form of a video/audio or a written report. It should be accompanied with a student’s note about the efficacy of the session

Mid-Course Assessment

Individual candidate progress will be shared. There is a one on one intervention evaluation and discussion with the counselor. This could be followed by a group discussion where the common learning is discussed and best practices shared.

*Intervention-I understand

Case Study is shared about a student who is confused and how a teacher can help him and resolve his queries.This intervention could be customized to have more effective parent/teacher conversations.This is again followed by a one on one session with the counselor and practical tips are shared regarding how the counseling sessions could be conducted in a fruitful manner.

Graduation Ceremony

The completion of the course will mark the time for a graduation ceremony where in the UCLA Ext certificates will be awarded. It is also the perfect time to launch the Mentor of the Month program. Life skills are not imbibed in the classroom, they need to be practiced. The mentor of the month program is designed to reinforce the skills learnt and encourage the candidates to move beyond their regular comfort zone. The program is designed in partnership with the school and the data support by Univariety is extended for atleast 6 months post the graduation ceremony. **

Evaluation Submission

On the 25th of every month, the in house team will share the data regarding the candidates’ usage of the expert counseling resources.

  • The Interventions can be done physically in the school premises if you register 20 or more teachers with us.