Salute to School: From IIM Indore

As the Board results are being celebrated all across the country, we have taken this opportunity to thank our educators who have made this happen. It is because of their guidance that students are able to perform well and chart out successful lives for themselves.

Heads of School and Principals are instrumental in facilitating this guidance process.

They are catalysts of transformation; turning a school into a learning community. Only through consistent Professional Learning programs for teachers, improved learning outcomes are achieved. By driving these Programs, Heads of School ensure that students are ultimately guided by globally aware teachers.

The quality of teaching along with the experiences outside classroom have a deep impact on shaping student personalities. From Planned Career discussions, to lunch-break chats and House captainship opportunities: every minute spent in school has an irreversible impression on young minds.

Our second part of the ‘Salute To School’ Series this week features an alumnus who acknowledges the critical role played by his School & Principal in shaping his future.



Student: Paaras Bharadwaj

School: Global Indian International School, Pune

College Enrolled in:  Indian Institute of Management, Indore


Educators are critical career mentors to students.

Empower them to become certified Global Career Catalysts. 

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