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Some of the Top School Awards in the World!

Taking a cue from last week, where we shared 3 globally renowned teacher recognitions, this week we shed the spotlight on 3 globally renowned school recognitions that lay great emphasis on Teacher Development.


global schools award The Global School Awards

This award is designed to recognize those schools who have implemented robust global learning practices.  Currently, it is exclusively for schools based out of England and the Isle of Man.



  • Develop a framework to promote global learning
  • A coveted add on to your school’s profile
  • Exclusive right to make use of the Global Schools Award logo



Participating schools need to factor in a number of parameters before their submission. A few of them are mentioned as follows:

  • The school should have a global dimension in its vision statement and curriculum,
  • Participation by teachers and students in Global Dimension activities with periodic review(s)
  • At least one of the school teacher(s) should have been trained on the global curriculum

Click here to know more about this award.



International School AwardInternational School Awards

Accredited by the British Council, this award aims to recognize schools who have a notable global element in their curriculum. Over 1000 schools have been granted this award since its inception in 1999.



  • Gives an opportunity for students and teachers to learn about other cultures,
  • Prepares students with skills for life and work in a global economy, and
  • Provides your school with a brand new global identity



A few of the parameters have been mentioned as follows:

  • International projects pertaining to National or International Curriculum should be incorporated in classrooms
  • Educators to be involved in some sort of professional development
  • Increase in awareness among students about global themes through undertaken activities

To know how you can be a part of this program, click here.



Future50Future 50 Schools Shaping Success

A first of its kind school recognition, driven by Fortune India and Univariety to identify the best Indian schools.




  • Certifies most progressive schools of the country
  • Dedicated Scholarships for Students
  • Detailed Evaluation Report audited by PWC
  • Digital Knowledge Sessions, and
  • Engagements with Parents



Participating schools need to perform well in 8-factor criteria, a few of which have been explained as follows:

  • Intellectual Stimulation and Exposure opportunities for students
  • School’s support for teachers and their continuous professional development
  • School governance, the role of students and teaching staff in administrative activities
  • Careers, Admissions and Extra-Curricular Achievements

Click here to get your school featured in the 2018 edition of Future 50 Schools.


Teacher development is one of the key criteria in all of the above-mentioned awards. Do you know WHY? It’s the quality of our teachers that impact a student’s academic results, brings about a conducive environment in schools and leads to organic discussions within classrooms. It is through a teacher’s continuous professional development that a school grows and its students are directed to better-informed career paths.


Want your teachers to be trained on global trends and become certified mentors to the students?

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