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Did you know that almost 86% of high school students are concerned about their higher education with just 8% students attributing guidance received from school? Does this not ring a bell that the same high school students who happen to be the future of the nation, are in fact confused about their own future? The MHRD’s directive to provide teacher training to 15 lakh teachers signals the need for continuous professional development for teachers. It is indeed the need of the hour, as a trained teacher would be better prepared to address students’ doubts about their future. UCLA extension’s Global Career Catalyst (GCC) is one such program which aims to address a teacher’s continuous professional development by making them aware and globally certified.

What exactly is GCC all about?

Global Career CatalystGCC is Asia’s first career counseling certifications in partnership with UCLA ext. which is one of the Top 20 Universities in the world. GCC offers a blended case study based program where teachers are trained by experts online as well as through physical interventions. Your teachers get to learn about the in-trend techniques in counseling that are prevalent not only in India but across the globe. With over 2,000 certified teachers and having achieved a 90% customer delight, this is one of the most sought-after teacher training programs in the country.


How does your school benefit from this program?

Your school benefits through a four-fold benefit from this program which have been mentioned as follows:

  • Guided students and parentsGuided students and parents: Since teachers spend the maximum amount of time with a student in school, they are more aware of a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Upon using their learnings from the GCC program, they are better prepared to serve as first level counselors to students and their parents. Your school teachers become influential catalysts who will promote your school’s learning environment.


  • Globally aware teachersGlobally aware teachers: Usually teachers might possess a specialization in a specific domain and thus might not be aware of careers arising out of a student’s desired area of interest. A science student having interest in economics could be guided to a potential career in economics through her Physics teacher! History would no longer be associated with archaeology but could also promote interest in architecture by an interested future science student and thus improve his learning. Through GCC, teachers would gain insight into the different careers options arising out of other subject streams and provide holistic guidance to them.


  • • Organic classroom discussionsOrganic classroom discussions: Imagine a top listed future lawyer in your school’s civics class! This could turn into a reality as teachers, post their GCC certification would be able to incorporate career and college discussions as extensions to their subject. A teacher would be able to trigger students’ interest and get a productive classroom engagement around careers.


  • More productive Parent-Teacher interactionsMore productive Parent-Teacher interactions: Your school’s Parent Teacher Association would no longer remain the same. The focus would not just be on marks but incorporate a long-term view in terms of the student’s aspirations. Teachers would be better adept to address parental pressures on their ward(s) and address the career and course issues keeping in mind the student’s interests. Through a GCC certified teacher’s intervention, a doctor parent might realize that their daughter’s interest might not be into science but more in design. So from an early age, they would prepare her for a career where she aspires to be.


  • UCLA CertificationUCLA Certification: Your school gets an edge as it becomes certified by one of the Top Ivy League universities. It can then be used on your marketing collaterals, to guide prospective students and parents, to serve as a benchmark in the industry and to get your school recognized on a global platform.







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Read now to be a great teacher!

‘Without Teachers, there would be no other professions’, said a very wise someone. Teachers are critical for the society to sustain, evolve and introspect. There are hundreds of Awards across the Globe to recognize teachers who empower students and communities. Some of the renowned ones like The Global Teacher Prize, India’s very own National Awards and The Milken Educator Award, USA identify teachers who have made a great impact on their students, schools, and communities.


The evaluation criteria of these 3 Prestigious Teacher recognitions are as follows:

Focus Parameters Global Teacher Prize (2018)


National Award for Teachers (2017) -IndiaNTA Milken Educator Award (2017-18) -USA


Dedication towards profession Achieving student learning outcomes in the classroom Commitment to his/her vocation beyond the call of duty Exceptional educational talent as evidenced by effective instructional practices and student learning results in the classroom and school
Contribution(s) beyond the classroom Recognition of a teacher’s achievements in the classroom and beyond General reputation of the teacher Individuals whose contributions to education are largely unheralded yet worthy of the spotlight
Displaying innovative leadership traits Employing innovative and effective instructional practices Creativity and innovation in teaching practices Early- to mid-career educators who offer a strong long-range potential for professional and policy leadership
Being an active Mentor Helping children become global citizens through providing them with a values-based education High degree of social awareness with special reference to the needs of children Engaging and inspiring presence that motivates and impacts students, colleagues, and the community
Excellence as a Role Model Achievements in the community beyond the classroom that provide unique and distinguished models of excellence Active participation in life and activities of the society at large Exemplary educational accomplishments beyond the classroom that provide models of excellence for the profession
Drive for continuous professional development Encouraging teachers to stay in the profession and develop their skills Academic acumen and upgrading through participation in orientation programs/ refresher courses/ workshops, etc.


Among the above mentioned 3 Awards, and other notable teacher recognitions in the world, we derived 5 criteria that commonly emerged across the board, which distinguished great teachers from good ones:

  • Consistent achievement of stellar Academic results
  • Active involvement in school and community life
  • Implementation of novel learning techniques for improving student learning levels
  • Being aware of global trends in education and their implementations
  • Being involved in continuous professional development programs


global teacher prize
The Global Teacher Prize 2018 edition winner- Mrs. Andria Zafirakou


The Miliken Award Ceremony
national award
The National Award for Teachers (India)







While Awards are not the only yardstick to measure the tremendous hard work put in by millions of teachers in our Educational Institutions, it serves them well to know the key areas of focus for Teacher development.


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