The Magical 5 hour Transformation!

The Magical 5 hour Transformation!

Fastrack yourself onto the path of success by following a simple rule: Devote just 5 hours for self-learning during your weekdays. Yes, you heard that right!


The Millionaire’s Charm

Millionaire's Charm

As per a study which was conducted for over 5 years on 200 self-made millionaires, it was found that:

  • Over 86% claimed that they read during their free time, and
  • 63% listened to audiobooks during their morning commute

Famous personalities like Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Jack Ma, Elon Musk and others attribute their success to continuous reading.


The 5 Hour Rule

Coined by Empact founder, Michael Simmons, this concept highlights an important practice undertaken by successful people:

The conscious practice of setting aside 5 hours for deliberate self-learning.


What does it include?

It includes a basic 3-step-process:

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  • Read: This not only expands your knowledge but also gives you a good head start against your peers. As per Jack Ma, readers end up knowing more about other industries and their tactics.


How can you implement this?

Ø  Begin by allocating 20-30 minutes of reading time in a day,

Ø  Listen to audiobooks while exercising or during commute time



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  • Reflect: By developing an active internal feedback mechanism, you can learn from past mistakes as well as successes. This would help you take some time out and assess yourself over a period of time.


How can you implement this?

Ø  Utilize time slots of up to 10 minutes on a daily basis. Choose a relatively less productive time of the day, like a post-lunchtime slot.

Ø  Build a habit of asking yourself questions like “What were my takeaways from that XYZ meeting?”.


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  • Experiment: Whatever you learn, make it a point to implement it in real time. Conducting experiments will put facts to the test and help you comprehend textual matter efficiently.


How can you implement this?

Ø  If you have undertaken a complex training or certification program, begin by breaking them down into smaller modules.

Ø  Then, for each module, identify possible areas where the learnings can be implemented. For example, after attending a teacher training program, you can implement the learnings in your classroom over different phases.


By having this powerful 5-hour rule as part of your daily routine, it can be your ultimate passport to a greater version of you.


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